J. R. Cumpston & 1229 Elm Street, Youngstown

MVHS Directors Award of Achievement – J. R. Cumpston & 1229 Elm Street, Youngstown

The house at 1229 Elm Street was built in 1902 and is located in the Wick Park Historic District. In 1971 the house was split into two apartments. The original back porch was enclosed and changed into a bathroom, and one of the upstairs bedrooms was changed into a kitchen. In May of 2011“J.R.” Cumpston, an architect with the firm Olsavsky Jaminet, bought the house and began restoration work (to include returning in into a single family home). He moved into the home in 2013. Regarding why he chose to renovate the home, J.R. says: “I initially wanted to renovate a house in this neighborhood because I liked the neighborhood, and was tired of seeing old homes get demolished.  I felt I could save at least one.  Because this house is so well preserved, I became more of a preservationist, instead of a renovator.”  The project was nominated by Phil Kidd

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