650 Clearmont Drive – YNDC

This residential building is owned by the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation and is located just off of Glenwood Avenue on Youngstown’s south side.  The Project Designer was Frank Rulli
of Faniro Architects and Leah Ifft nominated the completed project. 

This multi-residential property was built in 1928.  The early residents included a diverse group of working-class people who were first- and second-generation immigrants.  After 1965, the property was no longer owner-occupied and began to deteriorate.

Since YNDC’s 2014 acquisition, each of the four units has undergone full rehabilitation, including the installation of energy-efficient replacement windows that match the design of the original wood windows, preservation of existing masonry, restoration of bathroom floor tile and interior woodwork, and wood floor refinishing.

Upon completion in 2018, the four units were made available for rent to the general public and other community partners.  The renovated structure is now fully occupied.

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