City of Youngstown City Hall Annex Building – Municipal Courts

After an assessment of Youngstown’s municipal court operations, a decision was made to renovate the Youngstown City Hall Annex—the former U.S. Post Office.

Although the entire building underwent extensive renovations, restoration efforts were focused on the upper floor to provide visitors with the ambiance of its classic design.  The distinguished full height wainscoting of American walnut was preserved.  The outlying corridors and lobby outside the courtroom are lined with the original marble.  Salvaged grills and light fixtures were cleaned, repaired, and reinstalled.

Work efforts also focused on rehabilitating the exterior of the building. The roof was entirely replaced, windows were re-glazed, and the stone façade was also restored.

The doors of this structure first opened in 1933, and 85 years later in April 2018 the ribbon was officially cut again.

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