St. Anthony of Padua Church Bell Tower

This structure is located at 1125 Turin Ave., in Brier Hill on Youngstown’s north side.  The owner is Bishop George V. Murry.  The Project Designer was A.O. Construction and Restoration.  Rick Cappellino nominated this project.

St. Anthony of Padua Parish was founded in June 1898, to enable many of the Italian-speaking immigrants to preserve and continue their culture and traditions in Youngstown.  The original church, located in Brier Hill, was then replaced by a new structure of modern design in 1959, with a freestanding bell tower, a feature common to many churches in Italy.  It houses one bell from the original church and two new ones.

Despite the decline of the steel mills, St. Anthony of Padua Church has continued to maintain its place as a primary resident and leader in the neighborhood and is an iconic part of the Rt. 422 corridor leading into the city of Youngstown.  Through years of harsh weather conditions, the bricks of the bell tower had begun to deteriorate and the structure was declared unsafe.  In 2017, a major restoration took place, with the contract awarded to A.O. Construction and Restoration and The Verdin Company.  The restoration is totally in line with the original 1958 blueprints for the tower.

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