ISLE World Headquarters

28-32 Fifth Avenue • Youngstown, OH
Commercial Revitalization Award

Owners: Jimmy Sutman and  Jill Perencevic, ISLE
Project Designer: Anthony Santangelo and Jill Perencevic, ISLE
Project Nominator: Meg P. Calvaruso, ISLE
Year Rehabilitated: 2016-2019
Year built: Unconfirmed
Original Owner: Reynald Multari
Original Architect: Unknown
Original Use: Window display manufacturing company

For a site that had extensive water damage and decay, the renovated spaces deserve recognition for an inventive, barrier-free adaptive reuse on the western edge of downtown Youngstown. The property for Iron and String Life Enhancement (ISLE) was used for many years by a window display manufacturing company. Today, it houses an array of services for those with special needs in Mahoning County. Regarding the preservation of the buildings, the nominator stated, “Anything that could be saved, we saved.”

ISLE’s commitment to the downtown district began in 1998 and is evidenced through this location, as well as others on Phelps Street and Federal Plaza. At the time of this award, over 400 full- and part-time employees provide service to approximately 300 individuals.

The multi-year project included new roof installation; structural repair of stairways and supports; window replacement; elevator repair; and updating of electric and plumbing systems.

The preservation efforts bring a tremendous value to the western edge of downtown Youngstown.

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