Joseph Pedaline

Various residential and commercial properties • Youngstown, OH
Board of Directors’ Award of Achievement

Project Nominator: Erin Timms

Joseph Pedaline began preserving houses on the North Side in 1987. Leveraging his career in heating and cooling, he brought professional expertise to stabilizing many at-risk homes on Fairgreen, Lora, and Ohio Avenues. This “non-traditional preservationist” might be readily associated with exterior paint selections as colorful as he is but the judges felt that much of the North Side just wouldn’t exist anymore without his efforts. A large amount of acreage on the East side of Youngstown, belonging to Pedaline’s family, has also been rehabilitated.

In addition to residential properties, Pedaline completed renovations on commercial buildings, including the B&O Station, Amy’s Campus 2000 (a.k.a., Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator and Café), and the former Bixler Bakery Complex on West Avenue and Marshall Street.

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